My Centtre is a centre for painting & healing. We have two sections in this website. One is all about Manasi's Paintings and the other is about Manasi's work in the area of healing. You are welcome to My Centtre and find your own center. Center

About Manasi Sose

“My Centtre” has been founded by Manasi Sose. Manasi is a commerce graduate and pursued her ICWA (inter). She worked in the area of finance and taxation till the age of 40, after which she continued her healing work, now professionally, followed by reviving her long forgotten hobby of painting.

Manasi had a fascination towards occult sciences and fine art since her early childhood. She began to learn the art of palmistry and numerology at the age of ten. Subsequently, she began the study of psychology, graphology, face reading and body banguage. She has been practicing Meditation, Yog and Pranayaam since the age of fourteen, followed by “Vipassana” and later “ Past-life Regression.”

For a decade, Manasi has done immense research in the field of meditation, energy healing, past-life regression and reviving blocked creativity within ie. painting, music, dance and writing.

After experiencing transformation, she began to see her life from a higher perspective. This inspired Manasi, by her late 20 s, to guide others and to facilitate them discover happiness. She has done immense work/research for a decade in the area of ‘Meditation’, ‘Past-Life Regression’, ‘Rebirthing Process’, ‘Inner-Child Work’ and ‘Expression Through Art’ and have facilitated thousands of people. She has conducted workshops in various cities in India and gives personal healing sessions. Through her sessions, people have found immense relief from issues which were preventing them from living a fuller life. Each of them have found the purpose of their life and have been able to balance their material and spiritual life. Her paintings too are energizing, giving happiness to many.

Painting is Manasi’s passion and inspiration. She studied and researched the effect of her own paintings and concluded that they have a calming and healing effect. The paintings take one into a no-mind state apart from beautifying the environment. She says, “Each painting is priceless for me. It is piece of my soul. One has to experience the paintings rather than read them with the mind. I am just a channel, the paintings happen through me. Everyone has this unique power.”

Manasi’s students/clients say that the uniqueness of her audios is her voice, that relaxes them instantly and soon takes them deeper within.