The CD consists of two parts(55mins):
Relaxation part helps you to release stress and feel calm and composed. It gathers your scattered mind and takes you deeper within yourself. Thus, it connects you to your inner core where there is peace and tranquility!
Regression part consists of Age Regression, followed by Womb and Birthing experience. I further guide you to your Past-Life experience and finally take you through the transformation/healing process by guiding you to work with the Masters and Guides.
The CD is easy to use. Sit or lie in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for approximately fifty five minutes. Let your mind be free and open to all possibilities. At any point you are free to open your eyes, and you will immediately end the session. At the end of the audio session, I instruct you to emerge from the meditation or regression exercise. At that point you may emerge from the session or you can decide to drift into sleep - the choice is yours.
If you are in psychotherapy or if you have a history of emotional problems, if you are experiencing seizures, or if you have any neurological or neurorespiratory disease, you might want to consult your physician or therapist and use the CD under his or her supervision.
Start the session without any expectations. Trust the process and flow with it. Enjoy the process. All the best!
….love, Manasi


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