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Breathwork or Rebirthing Process

Breathwork/Re-birthing Process

Our breath is our connection to The Life-Force that pervades the whole Universe. Breath is the bridge between the visible and the invisible, the physical and the non-physical, the infinite and the finite, the eternal and the transitory. Our Invisible Source is eternal, ever young and healthy. Our visible body is always rejuvenating, purifying, and is an expression of the Infinite Invisible Source.

Intuitive breathing constantly merges our body with the life-giving and life-renewing source. Breathing is the basic source of health to the body. It is our primary source of nourishment and facilitates the elimination of everything that is unwanted - unwanted toxins, unwanted thoughts or undesired emotions.

Intuitive Energy Breathing is the ability to breathe energy, as well as, air. It is, perhaps, the most valuable self-healing ability that humans can learn. This involves breathing in a gentle relaxed rhythm in an intuitive way that floods the body with energy. It is a skill that most people can learn easily.

An average person breathes around 20,000 thousand times a day. During a 24-hour period, about 100 sq meters of our lung surface are exposed to 8,000 litres of air, and 17.5 litres of blood passes through our lungs.

When it comes to expelling our body waste:
3 % is expelled through defecation.
7 % is expelled through urination.
20 % is expelled through the skin in the form of perspiration.
And -70 % is expelled through the breath.

Breath and Spiritual Self

One of the simplest ways to reconnect with who we really are is through our breath. By tuning to the breath, we turn towards our Spiritual Self, revealing our ultimate potential, powerful vitality and unconditional joy of the moment. Breath is one of the most vital forces in our lives and when it is allowed to flow freely and spontaneously through the body we feel healthy, alive and directly attuned to our inner strength and joy. We can express our emotions properly and relate to others with sensitivity and compassion.

Our health is directly linked to our breath, and we can therefore improve our health by adopting the correct breathing technique.

In addition to our physical bodies, we have other Subtle Bodies. The Cosmic Energy brought in by our breath flows to all bodies, which energizes and cleanses them. It is the Cosmic Energy we take in when we breathe, that differentiates breathing from other physiological functions of the body.

Breath is our most primal function. All other functions depend on breath. It is a source of both Physical Energy as well as Cosmic Energy. It connects us to the Universe and the Consciousness. Breath is the bridge between us and the Consciousness. Our Conscious Mind is only the tip of the iceberg. The Sub-consciousness Mind can be accessed through breath.
The way we breathe is a reflection and an expression of the way we live. Our breathing habits and patterns and the way we breathe in certain situations determine our emotions. Each one of us has a unique way of breathing which reveals the deepest aspects of our personality and the core issues in life. By exploring the breath, we discover ourselves. By changing the way we breathe, we change the way we live.

Breath can expand our Energy Fields, thus making us more powerful on an Energetic Level. Breath Awareness alters the Brain Waves and harmonizes the Left-brain and the Right brain.

Breath and Emotions

Breath is the link between the body, mind, emotions and the soul.
According to Quantum Physics, our emotions are made of energy particles. If our emotions are not released through expression, then these particles can become trapped as energy in the spaces between atoms and the molecules. These are our Emotional Blocks.

When we experience traumatic situations and great stress, we almost stop breathing and our breath becomes shallow. This traps the energy of our emotions in our bodies. These frozen fears or emotional blocks cause us much physical discomfort and mental agony. Clearing these emotional blocks can be achieved through Intuitive Energy Breathing.

Breath and Past Memories

All the traumatic memories from the past, (including those from the past lives), that are stored at a deep unconscious level, are reflected in the way we breath. For example, people who are filled with fearful and painful emotions and memories are shallow breathers. Our breath has the ‘Energy-Signatures’ of past-memories. Through Intuitive Energy Breathing practices, one can reach to a deeper level of awareness where past-life memories can be understood, processed, resolved, released, transformed and completely healed.

Buried Traumatic Memories in the Body as a Cellular Memory

It is normally believed that our memories are stored in the brain. However, the fact that our cells contain our memories, is fast gaining acceptance. Each and every cell of our body is a holographic representation of the whole body. Each cell contains the imprints and memories of all the past events including those of our past- lives. Traumatic incidences that occurred in the past continue to live in these cells. Every shock or trauma, that we have had, leaves an impression in our cells. Breath can unlock these cellular memories and bring them to consciousness awareness. By re-creating the trauma, through Breath Work, the trauma can be released effectively and the person can be freed from the effects of the trauma, which might have been carrying on since many life times.
While breath elevates our state of consciousness, it simultaneously keeps us grounded in our body and in the present moment. By turning the breath, we turn towards our spiritual self, revealing our ultimate potential, powerful vitality and unconditional joy of the moment. Healing is permanent. Even if we are not aware of our past life, the traumas of past- lives are released.

Birth Traumas, Birth Patterns and Birth Psychology

We suffer birth trauma without any exception. We are all Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience, hence when we come to the physical state; it is like coming away from our home. This stepping out is traumatic, but is a necessary step in the Evolution of the soul. Therefore, birth is more like a near- death- experience.

We instinctively suppress the memory of that event and we learn to distract ourselves from the feelings stored in our body during the event. No one can escape the trauma of birth. We all suffer primal pain, inner grief, hidden rage, ancient guilt and deep fear. Many of these blocks also arise from the processes and manner in which babies are delivered in the present times.

For example:
Blinding lights
Application of eye drops/ear drops
Loud noises
Keeping the neonate upside down
Hitting the baby on the back
Temperature trauma
Cutting the umbilical cord suddenly
Keeping the baby away from mother

All births are not normal and every type of abnormal birth causes certain associated blocks in the baby.

Below are a few examples of the type of birth and the blocks or patterns created due to it:

Fast birth time and tide wait for none.

Delayed labour: life is a struggle and they cannot achieve anything without help, they
feel powerless.

Breach baby not confident about the life direction.

Caesarean birth lack of self- confidence.

Induced birth they feel they have never really made the choice and that they are born
at the behest of someone else.

Cord around the neck cannot express themselves and suffer from throat constriction and cut
off their emotions.

Forceps babies feel shocked and bruised at the time of birth and feel trapped.

Attempted Abortion feeling of rejection and of being unwanted and unloved.

Incubator babies feel cut off from the rest of the world and are aloof.

Pre-mature babies they are slow to comprehend things.

Twins feel restricted and have feelings of lack.

Process of Re-birthing

Re-birthing is a technique evolved by the Great Master, Leonard Orr, a spiritual and an intellectual pioneer. In the year 1962, he passed out one day when he stayed for a longer time in the sauna. Here, he got connected to memories of the womb stage. From then on he worked a lot on the process and perfected it in 1974. The process evolved is called Re-birthing or Breath-work. Rebirthing is Conscious Connected Breathing, where there is no pause between inhalation and exhalation. The breaths are connected.

Emphasis is on inhalation, exhalation follows naturally. When this is happening, the Energy is taken in with the breath and this relieves the Birth Trauma, Death Urge and all kinds of Limiting Human Conditioning.

Breath-work is the only effective method where blocks are removed even if we are not aware of the blocks. And the person on whom the breath-work is being done instantly connects to immense Higher Energies and this experience makes the process very powerful. Our Higher-Self knows what is best for us, so we go to that block which needs to be released.

The therapist is only a guide here and does not direct us.

Techniques of rebirthing

There are different techniques of Breath-Work. Some important ones are as follows. It is advisory to take the initial ten re-birthing sessions under the guidance of a trained therapist.

Dry Breathing

A dry session lasts for one to two hours. It is usually done in a reclining position so that the body is relaxed. An energy cycle is attained during the sessions and a lot of physical sensations and expression of emotions are experienced, and the person feels energized.

A lot of blocks are removed during the first ten sessions. When the psychological and emotional outbursts cease, the person may practice it on his own.

One should practice twenty “connected breaths” whenever one needs to, especially when angry or experiencing a psychological or emotional outburst.

Wet Breathing

Wet breathing should be done only after completing five dry breathing sessions.
These sessions are done in a tub filled with warm water. The face should be kept above the water level to facilitate breathing with the rest of the body immersed. A snorkel can also used so that the face is also immersed.

These sessions should be done only under the guidance of a therapist.

Benefits of Breath-Work

Helps one to be in the Now.
Makes a permanent improvement in breathing.
Very effective stress-reduction technique.
It helps to transform things in opposition to things of happiness.
It is a method to reach the subconscious mind through body.
It allows clearing the effects of old suppressed traumatic occurrences.
It allows clearing negativity.
It is a highly effective way to expand mastery over mind, body and life.
It allows experiencing each moment completely and enjoying each moment fully.
It uses the mind to get in touch with the body and the body to get in touch with the mind.
It allows enjoying all emotions.
It allows to let-go of attachments.
It expands the enthusiasm to include everything.
It facilitates forgiveness and acceptance
It eliminates compulsions..
It allows knowing the mind thoroughly.
It allows experiencing the flow of life-force energy into body.
It helps to reach the inner-self.
It can give bliss any time and any place.
It is a way to integrate past beliefs, thoughts and sensations that may be limiting pleasure and power, creativity and productivity.

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