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Case Studies


Case Study 1

Name                       : Adish*
Age                           : 7 years
Date                         : 03/02/07, 10/02/07 and 18/02/07
Reason for Visit       : Obesity, lack of concentration, fear, always sad, sibling rivalry, mimicked younger brothers’ mannerisms and bed wetting.

Session:            He responded very well. In a play-way method, when guided to the Masters and Guides, he saw Lord Krishna as his Master. He religiously practiced the simple meditation recommended to him. His bedwetting reduced during the first month by ninety percent and soon vanished completely.

During one of the sessions, he saw himself as a small boy being followed by an alligator. During the process, I helped him to release the fear, during which the alligator went away and he saw himself resuming his game.

Being a compulsive eater, when guided to the root cause, he saw himself as a baby at his grandparents place. When he was a baby, his parents often left him with his grandparents. He said he liked his grand-parents but missed his parents. Through the session, he re-lived the emotion of missing his parents and transformed the sorrow, to love for his parents. Every session lasted less than half an hour.

Feedback          : He loved to take sessions and looked forward to next sessions. Within a few days, he was least bothered about the appreciation his brother received and stopped comparing. He has become a happy-go-lucky child and busy with himself. He has immensely improved in academics and other activities.


Case Study 2

Name                       : Tukaram
Age                           : 34 years
Date                         : 04/02/07
Reason for visit        : Relationship issues with father and siblings.

Session:    In his past life, he saw himself as a female, in the year 1732. She was on the beach and a man was staring at her with piercing eyes. He had seen her stealing something from the caravan. He took her to the beach and left her there and he walked off without a word.

The girl felt sad about stealing. Later, the man married her and treated her well, but she was guilty about the theft.

While reviewing her death in that life time, she realized that the man had forgiven her but she had not forgiven herself, which was very necessary.

The husband in that life is Tukaram’s father in the present life. Tukaram was always afraid of his father’s piercing eyes.  

Although her husband had forgiven him in that life, yet he was strict as Tukaram’s father in present life because Tukaram’s guilt attracted the punishment and accusation. During the session, he was guided to forgive himself and he learnt to accept himself.

Feedback:         Within a few weeks, Tukaram’s relationship with his father and other relatives and friends improved to a large extent. He now realized that he had created situations to attract punishment from the father. His constant need to seek approval from his father has now gone.  His strain, fears and apprehensions have eased out considerably.


Case Study 3

Name                       : Gautam 
Age                           : 33 years.
Date                         : 16/07/07
Reason For Visit      : Turbulent relationship with his lover, Prajakta. Unable to come out of the painful relationship. Lack of concentration in work increased, to the extent of having to quit his job. He could not come out of the misery of being cheated by her. Yet he consistently tried to improve the relationship. This continued for the past ten years. He was obsessed by her thoughts.

Session:     Gautam saw glimpses of two lives. All the scenes were clear, but their link was vague. He saw himself falling, first going round and round, then as an old man on his death bed, and then as a British named Alex…etc.  After reviewing a death scene, with the
help of the Masters and Guides, he learned the lesson, ‘To be happy, have patience and face what comes to you.’

When he was guided to look for Prajakta, he saw himself as an old man on his death bed, and his servant (Prajakta) was there. He had never expressed his feelings to her.

The lesson he learned “Speak for yourself, you don’t have to wait for long, hold what you want to, firmly” He had wanted to propose to her all his life.

Yet he had not seen any direct and specific root cause of his turbulent time with Prajakta. During rest of the session, in three of his past
lives, as a human and a bird, he re-lived the experience of taking other lives. I helped him to release his guilt and forgive himself.

Feedback:         He is now able to accept Prajakta as she is. Though he did not experience any specific past-life with her, the self love and speaking for himself, has immensely helped him. He has overcome the turbulent relationship completely and he has taken a job within a few days of the session. He says the session has boosted his self confidence and helped him to secure a job and which he is enjoying very much.


Case Study 4

Name                       : Snehal, Harish - her father and her
Vandana – her mother
Age                        : Snehal - 19 years
Date                         : 05/01/07 to 23/02/07
Reason for session   : The parents were paranoid about the daughter, more so, because they came from a middle-class, cultured and educated family, adhering to the limits of societal conditioning. Snehal was always full of anger, arrogant and did not speak much at home.

Throughout school, Snehal had a ‘good girl’ image, and was excellent at academics. Suddenly, during her ninth class, she began to lie, and steal money from her parents or close relatives. She even stole gold worth Rs.100, 000. She would stay away home for three to four days at a stretch, without informing anyone. Her parents felt helpless.

Session:    During her first session, Snehal spoke to me about her behavior. She shared many grievances against her parents and their strictness. She had refused to go for any follow-up session with psychiatrists or counselors. She agreed to come to me for further sessions.

In the first session, I helped her to reach her higher self.  She realized her true potentials as a creator. She also realized that we are all one. She came to me very happily, thereafter, and began to meditate regularly. She reviewed significant happy and sad moments of her
childhood. In a past-life, she saw herself as a commanding, ruthless king and had imprisoned another king (who is her father in this life). The king died in prison. When she died as an old king, the feeling of guilt was predominant in her.

While working on the root cause of her mother manipulating her life, she saw herself as a small boy, who kept a bird in a cage which subsequently died due to her negligence. Its eggs were destroyed. She felt extremely guilty about it. 

Each of her parents also took a session which helped them to accept the behavior of their daughter. 

Feedback: After the first session, Snehal told me that she felt very calm and happy and full of joy. Her anger had gone. People around her complimented her often now. They said she looked more happy and relaxed. Her anger towards her parents reduced and their constant nagging did not affect her and she could speak to them calmly. Her now happy mother, said that she has stopped lying and stealing.Snehal started speaking the truth irrespective of her parents’ acceptance. Her relationship with her parents has improved and their acceptance level has greatly increased.To retain her interest, I had to use plenty of innovative and creative techniques during her sessions. Attending every session was like a favor to her parents, as well as to me and given a chance, she would skip the session.


Case Study 5

Name                       : Dinesh
Age                           : 16years
Date                         : 03/02/07
Reason for visit                : Dinesh, a Grade X student, was unable to concentrate on his studies and he felt restless, but was could not understand the reason for it.

Session: I guided him to the present life memories, and he shared the sorrow of the breakup with his girlfriend.  He had not been able to release the hurt.

He experienced a past-life, where he refused to marry the same girl due to fear of his mother. During the death stage, at the age of 23, the lesson he learned was ‘listen to your heart’. He transformed the sorrow into love and forgiveness.

Feedback: He felt relaxed, his concentration improved and the hurt regarding the girl friend vanished. He himself volunteered to come for another session.  This time, too, he was not sure about the reason for his visit. Yet he saw two past-lives and released a lot of unknown pain, hurt, anger.


Case Study 6

Name                       : Madhavi
Age                           : 23years         
Date                         : 10/07/07
Reason for visit                : She was unable to take any decision about her career and further education.  She blamed her mother for her father’s death and never discussed about it with anyone.

Session:            Madhavi had immense grief related to her fathers’ death. During the session she could face the grief, connect to her father on an energetic level. Thus, she could release the grief, which was further transformed into love.

Feedback:         For the first time in seven years, after her fathers’ death, she spoke about the grief related to it. Now she does not blame her mother for anything. She has learned to take responsibility of her own emotions and situations. She took up a job immediately and is also pursuing further studies.

* Names have been changed to maintain clients’ privacy.

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