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We give counseling for issues related health, wealth, relation-ships, fears and phobias and finding the purpose of your life.

Enneagram is one of the methods we use for counseling a person with deep rooted issues. Other day-to-day issues can be resolved without use of enneagram.


If we are arrogant, emotional, aloof and alone, shutting off ourselves from problems, always pleasing others, highly self- disciplined, charmers, sacrificing, impatient – we take a lot of pride in these traits that we have. We write it off by saying, “that’s the way, I am!”

Why do we take so much pride in the traits we have, which have actually bound us to them and are not allowing us to be free? To accelerate our ascension we have to do away with these traits that are stopping us from reaching our true essence, our core.

Just like our soul chooses one role for all the lives we incarnate in, it also chooses a different personality structure for every life. There are nine such personality structures from which the soul chooses one in order to cope with the material world.

We are actually born with essences of all the personality structures. That essence is the spiritual or liberated aspect of each personality. But, with our conditioning, we forget the essence. The study of Enneagram helps us to use the personality as a vehicle to reach our essence, rather than to be driven by it.

However highly evolved we are, unless we are free from the personality, we cannot be truly liberated. When we are driven by the typical traits of our personality, we are truly not liberated. Our ego is holding on to the personality and we take pride in it. No matter how much we work on ourselves, we are only swinging within the range of our personality.

Thus, the Enneagram is a psychology from the sacred traditions that is based on nine personality types, which, from the perspective of the true or spiritual self, are nine illusions about life. These illusions are the natural starting place for psychological and spiritual growth. The purpose of the Enneagram is not to get rid of our personality. The personality still exists, but there is a more active intelligence, sensitivity, and a presence underlying it, that uses the personality as a vehicle rather than being driven by it.

The profound lesson of the Enneagram is that psychological integration and spiritual realization are not separate processes. We need to transform our vices to virtues, so that we connect to our source through our personality. We can get complete freedom only by integrating the spiritual and the material world. These survival personality types are nine distinct aspects of human nature found in all of us, although everyone will find that their basic personality type will be closest to their own experience.

It also helps:

To understand and know what our greatest potentials are.
To overcom negative patterns in ourselves.
In the growth of our relationships.
In the essential portal real transformation.
At a deeper level, Enneagram tells us about our relationship between our personality and our Essence, or Spirit.

Through the study of Enneagram we can expect to:

Learn about obstacles each personality has to face for experiencing and integrating Essence.

Learn about each type’s “Invisible Veil” – the last illusory dynamic each type must dissolve TO BE THE ESSENCE.

Learn about ways each type continuously uses to block the Essence in their daily life.

Learn ways to help each type integrate breakthrough more readily and permanently.

Each type person has got a message in the childhood, has lost the encouraging message, and has developed basic fears. Each type has a basic desire, which has become distorted due to the personality type we chose. The nine Enneagram types are generally referred to as numbers although names are also given to the types:

Types Unconsious Childhood Message Lost Childhood Messages

Basic Fears

Fear of being ........

Basic desires and their distortions

The desire to........

Perfectionist its not ok to make mistakes You are good bad, corrupt , evil, or defective have integrity (deteriorates into critical perfectionism)
Helper its not ok to have your own needs You are wanted Unworthy of being loved be loved (deteriorates into the need to be needed)
Achiever it's not ok to have your own feelings and identities You are loved for yourself worthless or without inherent value be valuable (deteriorates into chasing success)
Romantic it's not ok to be functional or too happy You are seen for who you are without identity or personal significance be oneself (deteriorates into self indulgence)
Investigator It's not ok to be comfortable in the world Your needs are not a problem useless, incapable, or incompetent be competent (deteriorates into useless specialization)
Loyalist It's not ok to trust yourself You are safe without support or guidance secure (deteriorates into an attachment to beliefs)
Enthusiast It's not ok to depend on anyone for anything You will be taken care of deprived or trapped in pain happy (deteriorates into frenetic escapism)
Challenger it's not ok to be vulnerable or to trust anyone You will not be betrayed harmed or controlled by others protect oneself (deteriorates into constant fighting)
Peace maker it's not ok to assert yourself Your presence matters disconnected at peace (deteriorates into stubborn neglectfulness)

Essence and Personality

All of us exist as a vast, largely unrecognized quality of the Divine consciousness – what is called our Essence. Essence is our Essential Self.

Generally, we do not experience our Essence because our awareness is so dominated by our personality. But as we learn to bring awareness to our personality, it becomes more transparent, and we are able to experience our Essence more directly.

Enneagram helps us to see what prevents us from remembering this deep truth about who we really are and the truth of our spiritual nature.

We function from 3 centres:

Head, heart and instinct (body). And we need to use all the three centers in order to bring balance in our lives.

For example:

Number five - The Investigator:

The essence is Omniscient, all knowing, Non-attachment.

They function from the head center. And need to balance their feelings and instinct centre.

They must understand that knowledge and knowing are two different things. Knowledge can become a trap for them.

They minimize their needs, in order to remove any dependability.

But their vice is actually, greed. They want to conserve their time and energy for themselves.

Life is interdependent, but they become non-dependent. They also avoid others to seek help from them. They need to learn and ask for needs.

Non- attachment is not detachment. It is being with the experience.

They are attached to detachment which is a hurdle for them to reach non-attachment, their true essence.

It means that they are naturally into non-attachment. By being in the moment and balancing the three centers – feelings, thinking and instinct, they attain their essence!!

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