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'The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives."
- Albert Einstein
We are all inherently Magnificent Beings with limitless potential for experiencing and expressing Unconditional Love, Joy and Creativity. We are multidimensional beings made in the image and likeness of our creator. There is a portion of our self which is vulnerable, innocent and God-like. That is the child within us or the 'Inner-Child'.
The Inner-Child is that part of us which is an embodiment of the divine essence of our creator. It is the part of us which is eternally loving, joyful, and all-embracing. It represents the creative, spontaneous and playful aspects of our selves. It is the Inner-Child that constantly reminds us of our divinity and it the Inner-Child that will guide us on our journey to reunite with our creator. 2000 years ago, the importance of the Inner-Child was stated by Jesus Christ. He said:
"Truly I say to you, unless you are converted and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven"
- Matthew 18:3
To fully experience our divine nature, the Child Within must be embraced and expressed! However, we all lose our Inner-Child to varying extents. This occurs due to the blocks that are created in us due to past-life influences, parental conditioning, social conditioning, and also due to the traumatic situations that we face in our lives. Due to these factors, the Inner-Child is badly wounded. Inner-Child wounds are spiritual wounds and may not be apparent from our limited perspective and understanding. To avoid further pain and suffering, the wounded Inner-Child withdraws itself. However, this child is really never away from us. It is only because we have built so many rigid walls of defenses around us; our Inner-Child essence is warded off from our own adult self.
In the process of building the walls of defenses, we disown our Inner-Child and put on masks to project only those aspects of ourselves that we feel are required to survive in this world. "Spirituality" is one such mask! In spite of acquiring all the wisdom of past-lives, astral experiences, healing powers and third-eye abilities, there still remains one missing piece that is required for achieving 'wholeness'. That is the Inner-Child. To step out of the mask and reclaim our divinity, we have to regain the Inner-Child. Inner-Child work is needed to become aware of the wounds, heal them and retrieve the Inner-Child.
We have thus moved from a state of "Wholeness" when we were born, to a state of "Emptiness" or "Void". The "Emptiness" or "Void" is caused mainly due to the loss of the "Inner-Child". Within all of us there is an inner urge to grow spiritually. This inner urge to grow spiritually seeks to reintegrate all the parts of ourselves that we have previously disowned. Spiritual unfolding and growth is therefore directly proportional to the extent of "Wholeness". One of the most important steps towards reclaiming our "Wholeness" is regaining our Inner-Child.
It is never too late to regain the Inner-Child. Inner-Child work helps enormously in parenting. Today, the world is experiencing a quantum leap in consciousness. Our children are the future of this planet. They should be brought up with Love and Compassion and should also be imparted the Spiritual wisdom that helps them to resonate with the current consciousness of the planet. For this, parents should first regain their own Inner-Child and become Spiritual Masters. In today's world, only Spiritual Masters should bring forth and raise children!

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