Overall a very well thought through constructive program. Built awareness about the potential of Past-life regression. I need to work on myself to let thoughts flow freely. I am more dependent upon rational analytical ride of my mind/brain.
The pacing of instructions ( e.g. 5,4,3,2,1) could be slowed down a bit.
Thankyou Manasi,  A fruitful journey awaits…..

Anant Rao (MBA. Delhi, India.  August 2009)

We attended this workshop for the second time and these two workshops are a life changing experience for me. I have become more calm & relaxed.

Thanks a lot to Manasi for bringing out negativity from me through these workshops.

Anuj Garg. (MBA. Delhi, India.  July 2009)

Although I did not clearly see my past lives or had any substantial feeling or sensation of being in another time or space, yet I feel that this experience of the workshop has added to my growth, even if I can’t consciously comprehend it as of now. It has perhaps initiated me on the path of self discovery and pursuing the truth.

Veenit Arora (Business. Delhi, India.  July 2009)

I felt in this workshop very happy & contented, This is unforgettable moment or days in my life. From this workshop, I felt that meditation is very necessary and important for one’s life and upliftment.

Mamta Chandola (M.A. B.ed. Delhi, India.  July 2009)

I came with a physical problem which is 50% cured. In the last session I got the message I will be cured.

Thanks Manasi,
Mamta kapoor. (Healer. Jaipur, India.  August 2008)

Workshop was very good especially connecting to masters in the last session. I connected with my mother who is paralyzed and lying in bed. I could not go deep in my past life, no dramatic experience but I am feeling a lot of peace and I am relaxed.

Thank you Manasi,

Purnima Sharma (Archirect. Delhi, India.  July 2009)


Past life Regression conducted by Manasi was really Amazing. I feel at least one person in every house should do it. I feel I am really blessed. Amen

Kumud Arora.(M.Sc. Inorganic. Delhi, India.  August 2009)


I got to know why we all are sent here or may be why we chose present life pattern. Ultimate aim of this life and all lives is to reunite with the God. Ultimate power & truth. I will surely make myself a better person, as in a better soul. I will meditate to heal myself and would try to heal others. In totality it is a wonderful experience and journey in knowing who are you rather who I am?!!

Amit Chhabber (Trader. Delhi, India.  August 2009)