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The Inner Journey

(2 Days Workshop for Corporate Sector and Individuals)

Be a diamond, chisel yourself -
You will shine from whereever you are
Then, you are not required to run -
The seeker of the diamond comes looking for you
in the remotest of places-
and pays the price!

How do you become a diamond?
you are a diamond -
you have that shine, that light-
you need to look for it within -  Meditate
love yourself ..……Manasi

We believe that self-love is the base of every beautiful relationship, wonderful health, successful venture and healthy mind!
Releasing the emotional blockages, that is release of fear, phobias, anger, hurt, sorrow, envy, guilt, etc. is the way we chisel the self.
We guide one to work on the self, face that part of the self, which life perhaps, did not allow one to face and to go beyond it to find the true potentials, courage, joy, confidence, patience and love.


      This Workshop will benefit those who want to transform their lives and grow inwardly.

  • To get more clarity about life and understand how life presents itself in front of us to teach us many things.
  • To provide with tools, that when applied to daily life, will help an individual grow both internally and externally.
  • To work on some of the basic blocks, some of the basic fears & phobias which we carry, to recognize, understand and heal them. 
  • To get more clarity on the beliefs which we carry & beliefs which are conditioned upon us and tools to break these various belief systems.
  • Learn meditation and its manifold benefits. 
  • To bring about the awareness that life and spirituality are not two different things.
  • To work towards breaking the myth that spirituality is for people who are of a certain age group.



  • Meditation - Science of Meditation.
  • Discover self.
  • Relaxation - A guided meditation.
  • Emotions - Blockages
  • Practical Exercise - Release emotional block of victim consciousness.
  • Practical Exercise - Release Emotional blocks of perpetrator consciousness.
  • Forgiveness – Talks and Practical exercise.
  • Past-life-Regression - A practical session to access the root cause of current issues.
  • Know your Mother/Father - Our most important relationship.
  • Practical Exercise – Know your core beliefs and find harmony with the Self.
  • Find the purpose if Life - Realize your true potentials and enhance them.
  • Know what you can do in life.  Accomplish your dreams.
  • Practical Exercise to feel the diamond within you.


The After Effects:

  • Will help gain more clarity on life.
  • Will be able to recognize Purpose of your life.
  • Will help to look at life from a new perspective.
  • The connection between inner life and outer life will become more clear.
  • Will help gain more control over life.
  • You will be equipped with many tools to deal with life with much more ease and understanding after the workshop.
  • You will be able to feel a boost in your energy level.
  • Ways to retain the energy charge gained during the workshop.
  • The nature of this seminar will be informal and interactive.

Practical exercises during the workshop will help you to process and assimilate the information acquired and understand how to apply them in your daily life. With this 'Awareness' you will be able to navigate and enhance your experiences in the physical realm.  

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