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Connect To Your Own Creativity Through Painting

Purpose and Contents

  • Bring out the innermost hidden emotions, desires, joys, peace and LOVE!
    Whatever we express, in whichever form, flows from our sub-conscious mind. What contains in the sub-conscious mind, is the experience of the soul. We express ourselves through writing, sharing, dancing, playing, music or through painting.
  • Painting is indeed an important expression since the painter uses the sense of sight and touch. Moreover, the imagination allows him/her to use the other senses too. The painter can play around with the desired medium of colors. Eg: One might paint a smooth wash of a lovely blue or one might even scratch the paper with a hard pencil - it does not matter how the painting looks or it does not matter whether the painter is an "artist" or not. Though, I believe that each person is an artist and a creator.
  • Painting is an easy way of expression, which can be used anytime, anywhere without disturbing anything or anyone. One can work in isolation or in the company of others too.
  • Painting helps one to reach the innermost fears, sorrows, hurt, grief, anger, envy.........the existence of which the painter may not be aware of. It also brings out these feelings in a most joyful and playful way only allowing the painter to flow with these releasing energies.
  • The painter, most of the times may not know "what exactly" he/or she is bringing out through colors. But the various colors, the soft brush, the flowing water, the smooth crayons, the hard painting knife, the fingers, the palms.... are all helping the hidden emotions to surface which are subsequently thrown out during healing sessions under the guidance of an expert. The painting process, after the healing session, is like applying balm and filling the void with divine healing light.
  • Just like music, dance or any other art, painting too takes a person to the divine light and ultimately experience Enlightenment!
  • Each person has an artist hidden in him/her. And this artist is unique. His/her experience is esoteric. Afterall, who has discovered or invented techniques? A human being, right? Techniques are not made by god, we find the technique. We need to understand that each one can have his own technique and that the technique which works for one may not work for the other. Infact, we need to free ouself from the techniques we learnt, only then, can we find what is within us. If a mother would teach her child to walk the way she walks, would the child ever learn to walk? Similarly, you cannot express yourself through others' ways and methods.

    We have immense blockages which have stopped us from conecting to our own artist. We need to release these blocks and find that little, innocent and Godly artist in us.

    You are welcome to explore and find that artist in you, with me. It is my pleasure to help you heal yourself through colors.

    love Manasi

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