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Relationships (3 Days Workshop)


  • What is the importance of relationships? What are patterns and karmic wheels? How can we be interdependent and remove dependency? How to manifest desired relationships?

  • Since our birth, we are involved in many kinds of relationships, with many souls of all ages. We cannot live alone. The relationships may or may not be harmonious. Can we work towards making them harmonious?

  • Relationships are our mirrors. Understand the self and every relationship with retrospective effect. Find the joy and find love in each soul!


  • Importance of relationships - Why we cannot live alone? How do we evolve with relationships?

  • Dependency- Importance of interdependence.

  • Radiant relationships - Know how the world is your mirror.

  • How will you find your love? - Practical sessions to find the inner love.

  • Concept of a soul-mate/twin-soul - Only love is real. A love relationship is different from all other relationships.

  • Past-life and relationships - Patterns, lessons, types of relationships.

  • The Wheel of Karma - Guided sessions to come out of the Karmic Wheel.

  • Find the right partner - ¬†How to have a lasting relationship.

  • Separation - Is it required? How to enjoy a harmonious relationship.

  • Counseling - how to handle after effects of the workshop.

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