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‘Past-life Regression Intensive Self-Work and Training Program’ (6 days Course)

“Zing in the light and zing out the dark.... 

Spark in the midnight happens when you find love,
Amidst all dark - thoughts, conditionings, experiences...
Under the dark shadows of conditioning we live
Fooling ourselves .... surrendering… never questioning.... why?

Behind is the valley of the past, we don’t want to fall into,
Ahead is the mountain of the future, we cannot plunge into
Therefore we need to stand still and silent...
Allowing each future moment to pass
Into the past
Observing …. enjoying the transition...
A spark of true love , lights our body, mind and soul
And washes away the darkest fears we dwell in” ……….Manasi

“In the serenity of the divine energies, with the energy of the masters and the angles peeping in,
We delve into the past &
Together we walk the journey of our lives, hold hands…..
drop each burden and shortcoming we have been embracing.
While it transforms into the beauty of nature, We reach the spark within us......
Which lights the fire of love
To make this world more beautiful place to live!”………Manasi

Past-life regression is a technique that uses various methods to recover what most practitioners believe as memories of past-lives or incarnations. Past-life regression is typically undertaken either in pursuit of a spiritual experience, or in a psychotherapeutic setting.
Reincarnation is finding an increasing acceptance today which has led to an increasing interest in the past-life regression processes. There are many ways of recalling our past-lives. Along with this has come the question of how best to recall the details of past-lives.


  • This intensive self-work and training program helps you to achieve Inner Transformation and Spiritual Growth.
  • It imparts training in the Past-Life-Regression Healing Processes, thereby enabling you to facilitate persons who are in need of it.
  • If you already are using some form of holistic/alternative therapy, this training program helps you to integrate Past-Life-Regression into your existing field of healing.

      This intensive program on soul-journey and self-discovery is useful for:

  • Individuals
  • Healers
  • Medical Doctors, who are interested in exploring and understanding the Body-Mind-Emotions-Spirit connection and who wish to learn holistic healing systems that address the root cause of ailments.
  • Psychoanalysts, Psychologists, Counselors, Clinical Psychologists and Psychiatrists who wish to enhance their understanding in their respective fields of expertise. 



The program consists of two parts:

Part One:
This is a Six days residential course covering the following:

  • Introduction to Past-Life Regression: About cause and effect/law of karma, Benefits of Past-Life Regression, etc.
  • History of Past-Life Regression: Ancient Wisdom, Pioneers of Past-Life Regression such as Morris Netherton, Roger Woolger, Hans Tendam, Michaeal Newton,  Brian Weiss.
  • Techniques of Past-Life-Regression:

                            Hypnotic Techniques: About hypnosis, hypnosis is a tool to enter into altered states of consciousness required for                             past-life regression.

                            Bridge Techniques: Affect Bridge Technique, Somatic Bridge Technique, Linguistic Bridge Technique, Visual Bridge                             Technique.

                           Other Techniques: Bodywork, Christos Technique, Re-birthing-Breath-work, Dream work, Meditation.

                           Creative Arts: Regressing the subject to the root cause of his/her issue is a science as well as an art. We encourage                            and  help our students to use innovative techniques. The creativity, innovativeness, spontaneity and alertness of  the                            regressionist are the key to the success rate of regression. It is a great pleasure to integrate Past-Life Regression                            along with our existing healing processes. We encourage and teach the use of creative arts like painting, music,                            writing, dance, visualization, imagination during the regression process.
                           Every regression session is unique and needs to be handled with great care and compassion. The intention                            of the healer plays the most important role.

  • Working with Masters and Guides/Life Between Life State: This is the most important part of any healing session through regression. The healer needs to have a deeper understanding and expertise during this stage of regression. He/She gets a complete understanding and experience of life between lives state and knows how to use it for the benefit of self and others. Life between lives state plays a major role in a healing session without which a session cannot be complete. 
  • Scripts: Detailed scripts for regression through different techniques will be given.
  • Hands-on training on Past-Life Regression:

          Health Issues: Asthma, Chronic illnesses, Back pain, Migraine, Arthritis, Body Pain, Post Operative Trauma,       OCD, Depression, Memory, etc.

          Emotions: Any Fears, Phobias, etc.

          Relationship Issues: Betrayal, Abandonment, Victimization, or any Troubled Relationship, etc.

          Talents & Skills: Retrieval of Talent, Skills, Knowledge and Wisdom from past lives, bringing them back and       integrating into this life.

          Find the purpose of life: What are we born for? What kind of work can give energy, rather than deplete       energy?

          Future Progression: Seeing our probable future, how it affects our present and how to re-design our future?

Part Two:  

  • An online evaluation will be conducted after the Six days program.
    For the online evaluation:
    Complete to the satisfaction of your client at least 20 Past-Life Regression Healing Sessions of around 10 different clients.
    Send us these cases via email or post.
    We will discuss these cases over phone or personally with you.
    We will also take an oral test at the same time, related to theory of PLR.
    The whole evaluation test will consist of one to three hours.

  • Certification – Certificates will be issued to those who pass the evaluation.


  • The workshop consists of experiences, interactive sessions and immense self work.
  • There will be individual practical sessions, wherever required, and  group practical sessions.
  • Thorough work will be done on every participant.

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