Manasi has come a long way and has been exceptionally talented and her approach has been pretty result oriented.

She is one of the best i have ever seen and met and quantum of knowledge is unfethomable and yet her approach is down to earth.

I am pretty confident that she is the NEED OF THE HOUR and she is going to be helping people in in every walk of life.

My choicest best wishes and GOD BLESS HER.

Dr. Amaresh Mehta  (Environment & Vastu auditor. Ahamedabad, India.  March 2009)

Dear Manasi


So the story begins almost five years back when I read “many lives many masters” and had thought of discussing my experiences with them, they guided me to Dr. Newton ..from where I got your reference. Almost two years back I had come in search of solace, which I did find in your sessions.

Chapter 1}

I had had a lonely childhood coz I could never find friends, there were conflicts in the house which made me very insecure about relationships, having a complicated family of 4 step brothers, two of them were from mothers first marriage, and two from my father’s. Conflicts between my mom dad, my uncle who has a drinking problem lead them all to being overprotective about me, and I started feeling tied down. Slowly I grew up and started college in the same environment, but by then I had started feeling emptiness and I wanted to break through all the barriers. I was sent to Pune for further studies. At first life was just as bad living in a protected environment, midst of the first year I met Gurpreet, who was by no means attracted towards me but we spoke anyway. During vacations I went home and tried calling him from the bus stop - I don’t know what made me call him and he said he was coming to kolhapur with his parents. So we met one evening and became curious about each other. Next we met in Pune which was absolutely unplanned and something magical happened, we kissed, and we've been together in love ever since.

Chapter 2}
Slowly as we came closer I started feeling of losing him all the time, especially when he left for home or went out with friends. I used to think myself silly and tried neglecting my fears for going away from him, we shared a great bonding and an understanding about each other, never were explanations needed. I started growing up emotionally and so did my fears. I used to spend restless nights when he went out of station. Two years passed and he was selected for armed forces. Even he got restless at times but could not make out what the restlessness was about. I used eat a lot in panic state and always felt imbalanced and scared for him. We graduated and he left very soon for Chennai for trained in Officers Training Academy. This time I really broke the ceiling and went against my parents and came to Bangalore so that I could meet him at least once a week. Such was the craziness to be closer to him that I left Bangalore and went to live in Chennai without informing anyone. That’s when I read Many lives many masters and started discovering all kinds of fears that I felt subconsciously. I knew this was the way but thought it was some how could not find a way then. By then I had become obese and did not know what to do about it. Soon he was commissioned as an officer and left for his service for MP and I kept mulling over my insecurities in Chennai. I felt need to be loved and was possessive. Soon Tsunami Happened, I was there at that time and it invoked something inside me... an urgency to get in touch with myself. Soon I left for Pune in the same frame of mind, and inquired about the workshop by Dr. Newton. Next two years were spent in self loathing, trying to find a good job and answers to my question. By then I had already had my set of problems ready... I was obese, had health problems like acidity, I grew up lonely, didn't get along with my parents and brother especially, I was not settled in my job, I still had the insecurity of getting away from Gurpreet. I couldn't find peace and love in anything, and so in this state I made a contact with the Dr.Newton and took your number and decided to find myself.

Chapter 3}

Here I was sitting in your presence crying because finally I got someone who was willing to listen and be through as a friend apart from Gurpreet. I was ready for a regression.......
In the first session I discovered my past life connection with Gurpreet, we were a couple, I was waiting at home and he was coming home to see our baby girl when he met with an accident and lost him. I felt every moment of loss and it was very painful. In the same life, my son in law was my present life brother. I had become very dominant and rigid due to loneliness and did not like him very much. I had a peaceful death. After this session, I was aware of my fear for losing Gurpreet and I tried coming out of it, but something still held me.

Chapter 4}

I understood by now that there was more to my insecurity so we decided to have another session.
This time I was a very beautiful woman and I was taken away from Gurpreet again. We were lovers, and people thought I was a witch. Therefore, one day when he was going out to get some wood for the house, the villagers caught us and we were beheaded in public, Gurpreet was beheaded before me and I saw his death, so I had a higher understanding now. In the same life before my death I was kept in a prison, no food had been given, and I was starving. I died hungry in this birth. Therefore, this gave me an understanding as to why I use to keep feeling hungry all the time even after eating.
Immediately after this session, I started losing weight tremendously. Today I’ve lost almost 20 kgs. Also in this birth, I made fun of people who were obese; one of them was my brother again.

After this session, my major fears had almost disappeared. I knew why I was scared of letting Gurpreet go anywhere, and why I kept having ego clashes with my brother.
I started feeling curious for myself, somehow still I wasn't as peaceful, so in one more session we discovered that in yet another life when I was a tribal girl , I had lost Gurpreet in our childhood, when the village was under attack n we were taken away as slaves. I did not remember clearly but I think he was my younger brother....  In this life I was made to work very hard.  The man who remarried my mother, later raped me, I was very young and never got married. The experience was just hurting.

However, it now took away my insecurity for sex. and helped me a great deal.
My relationship with my parents has improved ever since but my brother still had problems.
So in one of the workshops I discovered that my brother had been my elder brother in a life when I was a prince, I don’t think I was the heir to the throne but he was jealous of me and didn't like me and got me killed while travelling. I was wounded in my stomach and died a painful death.
Slowly and steadily I learnt that my relationship with my brother kept improving. He always smelt ego in me. I’m trying to shed it now.

As my present life kept improving, my insecurities vanishing, my relationship getting better by the day with everyone, it suddenly struck me that not only had the regression changed my personal life, but my professional life had also improved dramatically. By now I was working as a corporate manager in HDFC.

My relationship with Gurpreet has grown lovelier now. I believe I can love without bindings.

I thank you for being there.


Deepali (Healer. Kolhapur, India.  September 2008)

Dear Manasi,
It was lovely  being with you in the Two days work shop in Delhi on the weekend.

Workshop was great and it has  benefited us a lot. Frankly there  was a bit of skepticism in our mind initially about the PLR as most of us are  ignorant about the "Science " behind the PLR  ( Past Life Regression) and are ignorant about the fact that  meditation technique and PLR  are  so closely linked.

It was a revelation how  breathing can be used  to open blockages and help us to cleanse the  negativity from our being .You have taken great pains to put together the modules of the workshop beautifully. PLR will  surely help thousands in overcoming their day to day miseries and lead a happy and contented life. It will bless and help them to come out of their sufferings and will give a new purpose and meaning to their lives.

May the divine bless you with the energy to take this to millions who need this help.

Mamta & Rohit  (Healer and SBU – Head, Times of India. Delhi, India. November 2008)