I felt good  in some of the sessions. Though the pictures of past-life were not very clear but in the end messages were clear through the masters.

Poonam Sharma. (EFT Practioner,Chandigarh, India. July 2009)

Dear Manasiji,

Thanks a lot for your constant support, encouragement, love n care. Since I believe in past lives n reincarnation, I feel you must have been my mother in some previous life: the way you have been with me since we know each other!

I pray to God that His Grace be with you every moment of your life and that all your dreams be fulfilled.

With Love, 

Prince (Sports Manager. Kolkata, India.  August 2008)

I have attended this workshop first time and I must Say it wads wonderful experience for me. It shows me the way to make my life better.

I am heartly thankful to Manasi for helping us to be relaxed.

Shallu Garg (Home-maker, Delhi, India.  July 2009)

Since this is the first workshop I attended, I was a bit hesitant, regarding attending it. But now, after attending it I am so much at peace and smiling. I had lots of disturbance and thoughts in my mind and now it seems to have vanished away. I feel healed. I have found my purpose in life. I feel I can to use better on life and love.Thanks Manasi.

Bless You, Bless  Everyone.

Keerti (MBA. Delhi, India.  July 2009)

This workshop has definitely taught me the benefits of meditation. The concept of the ability of connecting with our loved ones has relaxed my restless mind and healed the relationship.

The purpose of life is now clear and I hope I will be able to lead a fuller & happier life.

S Prakash (Teaching Profession. Delhi, India.  July 2007)