This workshop came to me at the right time and phase of my life. Although I have been already working on self for quite sometime now, but there were some few issues I had no clue how to work on; some questions that I needed answers to.

Through Manasi I could uncover the reasons. Why I felt that my present life feltt so traumatic - even when I had no trauma in this life. I found answers to unexplainable questions and instantly felt healed.

Thank you so much for wonderful two days!!

Nimrata (Microbiologist. Delhi, India.  July 2009)

This workshop is just what I needed at the moment.
I feel a sense of completeness and a security that whatever is happening is just right for me.
And I feel confident about my relationships and the understanding behind them and I know I understand my decisions in life so far. Just want to thank Manasi and everyone in this …….

Sourabhi (MD Opthamologist. Delhi, India.  July 2009)


It was a very profound Experience.

Joy & Love to you,

Ashok Vij (Chartered Accountant. Shimla, India.  July 2009)

Manasi Mam
Hi..! Howz life? I hope things are fine at your end.
My heart is completely full with gratitude towards you. You not only
guided me towards Past Life Regression, but also you sincerely helped
me to realize my true purpose in life. All the ideas given in the two
days workshop made me go within the hidden dimensions of life.

And most important, being an energy healer, my healing sessions are truly
helping people to heal. Once again I thank you & look forward for
sharing a sacred time with you.

Best Wishes
Rohan Boraate  (Energy Healer. Satara, India.  August  2008)