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संपवा जातीवाद, आठवा आपले मायबाप.
जनमले तेव्हा जात होती का ठाऊक?
आणि कुणास ठाऊक पुढच्या जन्मी.....
ब्राम्हण व्हाल, का बौध्द, का मराठा ?
किंवा मागल्या जन्मात काय होता...काय असाल !?
संपवा हा जातीवाद आठवा आपले मायबाप.
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Ajantha-A way to find the Buddha within

As I was walking from one cave other, I realised that the energy of each cave is different. The first cave was very meditative. When I closed my eyes in front of the ‘ BuddhaPaani’, the famous painting - I could see strong and continuous light emitting from that painting... more



It is wonderful to be focused on work. But isn’t  it more important to be focused on life –one’s own life?

It is easier to focus on work, and to create for the world. But, until own life is focused upon and as long as own issues  are buried, no work or creation can be any value... more


A Word about Past-life Regression

Each time you experience a past life, it either brings out the potential within you helps you find the purpose of life or helps you design a better future.

This healing method is not a miracle. It is not a magic wand. Though, miraculous recovery does happen, but it is not always overnight.  It is very important to work on yourself consistently and patiently... more




Each person has a choice - to live with what he is given or to fly unto freedom!!

We are born to fly, to evolve, to reach higher planes. And for this, we have to take our life in our own hands. We all live for food, shelter and clothing. But, is this all that we are born for? Isn’t there something much higher in life?... more


SPIRITUAL PARENTING…who are we kidding?

Leave your child alone!!!

You gave birth to your child because your child CHOSE  you as a parent!
Children choose the parents, not vice versa. All that the parents are required to give their children, is love.

Children have their own design of life, parents have their own. Freedom is a necessity and the right of every human being. We are born free. However, children’s dependency binds them to the parents. They are helpless and at the mercy of their parents. Parents with the notion of giving love are actually extracting so much from the children.... more



Sit calmly
Be in a comfortable position
Close your eyes
and just observe your breath
to observe the breath, focus your attention to the nose area
and observe the sensations in and around the nose
that s all. Be a witness to your breath.

then....... more


WHO AM I………(What happens when you meditate?) A verse

You  are the source, you are divine, you are the multidimensional being.
You are the purest form of the self, you are the love
When you dance in the rain, you connect to me – I am you and you are I.
Who am I, am I you or you are I?
Every dew drop reveals my existence, every dimple on your smile shows I exist....... more


“My students my GURUs”

“Silence speaks louder than words
Words can be false
Only silence speaks truth and gives the precise vibrations
So listen to your heart….
As your heart is constantly listening to the vibrations around…”

After the training program in Past-Life Regression, I did not want to facilitate others. I attended the program for my own growth....... more



I have already achieved
I ran behind the world all my life -
Now I let go-
let go of everything-
everything is a Maya- an illusion-

The entire world wakes up......runs ......sleeps
wakes, runs sleeps!
Who lives?....... more



General  knowledge is after all general. It is unending., never sufficient. It can never fulfil anyone.
The thirst  can never be quenched. It is just like searching happiness. “ Do not search happiness, it can never  be found”.. ...... more



“When you really want something, the whole Universe conspires to help you achieve it”…..quoted in Hindi by Naseeruddin Shah in the movie “Iqbal” and also narrated in the book “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho.

The movie brings out beautiful techniques of achieving dreams.

Iqbal (Shreyas Talpade) goes into his personal sanctuary with the sports magazine. He closes his eyes and feels the applause using all his senses. ...... more